The first thing that parents need to consider while enrolling their children to childcare is the quality of care given at that given centre. As per the latest research, every child who spends his/her young life in a high-quality child-care centre records long-lasting benefits. In this research, there is a strong argument that any child who spends his/her young life in a high-quality child care center, records better language, social skills, and math while they enter school. Also, issues of special education are minimal or not recorded to this kind of children. They are always recorded to be progressing further in their school life, having higher earnings while at their adult age and also filing fewer cases with the justice system.

One thing you may wish to ask is how to determine whether a given childcare centre is a quality one or not. Worry no more! As per the latest research, there exist some common characteristics with childcare centres offering a high-quality care program. Through these characteristics, the parents will be in a position of deciding on the best child care centres of their kids since they promise a higher probability of high-quality care. These quality indicators play an essential role in determining the conditions that are the key to fostering a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to the kids. These indicators include:

  • The ratio of the child to teacher must be small
  • The group must be small
  • The staff must feature an on-going training and a higher education
  • The education and experience of the director matters a lot
  • The teacher turnover must be low
  • The interactions amongst the teacher and the child must be positive
  • The childcare facility must be accredited or have the minimum licensing standards
  • The activities offered must be age appropriate
  • The facility must feature safety practices and good health

Low turnover and low ratios are quite essential as it gives the teacher a chance of responding to the individual needs of the child, gives the kid adequate attention and it helps in creating a strong bond in addition to adding to the security of the child.

Through higher education, the staff and directors are in a position of understanding the child’s needs and developments which are essential when the teacher wants to plan activities for the child. Also, this factor plays a significant role when you want the child to interact in the most appropriate ways.

Well-compensated teachers, featuring good benefits, are the ones who record lower turnover, less frequency, and increases opportunities for the kids through which they build relationships and create attachments. Accredited child care programs are good intentions for the provision of high-quality care. See Fairfield Waters in Townsville for more information.