Securing a seat in the institution of your choice and successfully acquiring an MBA Degree is indeed commendable! You worked hard, excelled at academics and made it through….but are you really ready for what is expected out of you? The kind of academic training we receive and the real world scenario are starkly different. We’ve got a list of what the industry expects from you as an MBA graduate, have a look:

Great communication skills:

You may have a fantastic idea in mind, but it’s going to be an absolute waste if you’re not able to put it across effectively. If you’re naturally gifted, that’s fantastic. But if you’re not, make it a point to work on your soft skills and polish them. You will have a lot of interaction in the corporate world, and your communication will help you stand apart from the rest.

Learn the art of being a people’s person:

You will have a lot of people working under you and handling people with different behaviours is indeed a task. You have to learn how to manage your team as well as other employees in your department. Learning when to assert yourself and when to mellow down is also important. Learn to deal with people patiently, bring out the best in them and rectify them as and when required.


The industry and markets are full of ups and downs. So you have to be flexible enough to adjust and adapt to these changes. There’s no point in fretting over something that went wrong, instead, instil a sense of confidence in your team and calmly try to get a solution for the issue.

Constant learning process:

Getting an MBA degree isn’t the end of it. You have to be up-to-date with the various developments in the industry. Keep doing courses that will keep you well-versed with market trends and thus, give you an edge over others,

Creative approach:

creative concept

If an issue props up, you don’t have to follow the same old routine way of getting past it. You can and have to think differently, in a way that saves both time and money. You could also use some of your creativity to bring in some liveliness to your department or company.

Take the initiative:

Initiative need not be only for your office projects. You can also take the lead in organising various events in the company which will lead to better team bonding. The better the bond in your team, more effective will be the outcome.

Be focused and committed:

Once you take up a project, make sure you give it your all. There’s no scope for half-heartedness as that attitude will leave a wrong impression. So, be focussed and committed towards everything that comes your way.
Keep these small tips in mind, and work on them. They will undoubtedly prove to be an add-on and help you set your own unique identity.