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About Intellectual Property Explorer

Reviewing IP assets should form part of any overall business management strategy. This function is especially important to the business owner planning to acquire a new business or sell an existing business. Identifying IP assets is also important prior to approaching potential investors, exporting goods and services, commencing a joint venture or signing a license agreement.  

Intellectual Property Explorer has been developed by the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) in partnership with the government intellectual property offices of Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) realise and profit from their intellectual property assets. This tool has been developed in conjuction with Philip Mendes of Innovation Law and Monkii Creative Technology.

Intellectual Property Explorer is a free, web-based public service initiative - the information offered through this website may not take into account the whole range of intellectual property laws that exist in different countries or specific facts/circumstances. Users should thus seek independent legal business or other relevant professional advice before relying or acting on such information with regards to their specific facts/circumstances.

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