Off-beat MBA Courses

We live in a competitive world, where everyone is in this gruelling rat race. Making a mark in the corporate world and creating your identity is no easy task and this cut-throat competition makes it even harder. In such a scenario, piling up degrees for namesake is entirely of no use. It’s essential to find a different, unique course that will help you mark your presence easily in such unexplored areas. And of course, your passion matters, too! We’ve come up with some off-beat MBA courses that you can consider for your post-graduation, and these are specialising in these unexplored arenas will definitely give you an edge over others:

MBA in Shipping and Management:


Most of the foreign trade is conducted via shipping. Shipping is an easier option than any mode of transport as it’s cheap and can carry a bulk of goods at a time. So basically, this is a booming industry. And acquiring an MBA in Shipping and Logistics will help you understand the nuances of foreign trade. You’ll also get ample exposure on how to plan, implement and control the efficient flow of goods that are both outbound and incoming. The job opportunities are, and you can opt to work with any shipping companies, ports and harbours, import-export houses, logistics companies or consultation agencies.

MBA in Design Management:

Wondering what this course is? Well, it’s for those who are not too great with their artistic skills, yet are interested in the design sector! Of course, you need to have a basic fashion sense that will definitely help you. You have the option of specialising in Fashion Retailing, Visual Merchandising or Real Space Management. Opting for this course will give you an opportunity to work with tonnes of brands out there!

MBA in Marine Human Resource Management:

While most people opt for MBA in HR, this is still an untapped field which has a lot of potentials. Your task is similar to that of an HR in the corporate, except that you’ll be working with Shipping and logistics companies. With a core specialisation in Human resource management, this course also offers generalised knowledge about shipping and logistics too. This helps these candidates to apply their skills in practical life too.

MBA in Wine and Spirits:

This is one of a kind course offered by Bordeaux School of Management in France. Wine & Spirits is the course name, and though it may sound a bit weird, it offers to prepare students in a career to know in great detail, traditional and modern markets. It equips them with aids to an efficient management system, with unique methods. If you want to make your career out of wine, go ahead – there’s no better course than this one!

MBA in Hospital Management:

You need not be a doctor to move around in a hospital! There are a lot of other areas where hospitals need aid too, for example, efficient management. There’s no time to spare in hospitals and managing men and machines is vital. The course enables students to plan and implement these plans effectively in their workplace. A boom in the healthcare industry has led to an increase in demand for these professionals, so there’s a lot of scope ahead!

There are a whole lot of new arenas in MBA which many are not even aware of, because of which they end up doing the same routine courses and struggle. Choose these off-beat courses and chart out a fantastic career for yourself!